New Tariffs
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New Tariffs

New Tariffs

As of June 1st a new regulation will come into place which affects the structure of how access tolls will be applied in the electricity bill. The aim of this new regulation is to promote a more transparent and efficient use of energy.

At Eljoi, we wish to inform you that this circumstance will apply equally to all electricity consumers. We will automatically incorporate this regulatory change into your invoice. No action will be required on your part, we take care of everything!

The following lines include a summery of the main aspects of this regulatory change and how you can benefit from it.


The keys to the regulatory change in electricity tariffs

  1. One common tariff: All contracts with an annual consumption of less than 15 kilowatts (households and small businesses) have a 2.0TD rate.


  1. Tolls and charges: The separation of the access fee into two components is introduced: tolls and charges, until now only tolls existed. The regulatory change modifies the tolls and charges that are applied to your electricity bill during power and energy periods, that is, the regulated costs. As such, it encourages consumers to shift their consumption towards periods of the cheapest hours, achieving greater efficiency in the electrical system. Next, we explain the new periods of energy and power:


3 periods of energy

  • Peak hours: consuming energy during these hours will be more expensive.
  • Flat hours: this period will have an intermediate price.
  • Off-peak hours: consuming energy during these hours will be cheaper.


2 periods of power (peak and valley)

You will be able to modify your power for free up to 2 times during 12 months, starting from June 1, 2021, to adjust it as it best benefits you.

  1. Price of your contract: we will maintain the part of your price not regulated, the only component that will change are the tolls and charges and the prices of these and other regulated costs that vary by regulation. Therefore, any variation you have in your electricity bill will correspond only to the new regulatory changes.


As always, we are at your disposal for any clarification.


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